The four Episcopal congregations located on the island of Maui are part of the Episcopal Church of Hawaii under the governance of The Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii.

The Episcopal churches of Maui are inclusive, welcoming and open churches that were integral to Christianity in the Hawaiian islands.  King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma were wed in 1856 with a ceremony that included Anglican prayers.   The Church of Hawaii became the official royal church in the late 1800’s.  Land was donated from the royal Hawaiian family holdings to the church, including some church property on Maui.  After the overthrow of the monarchy in 1893, the Church of Hawaii was dissolved and became the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii.  Territorial jurisdiction was then transferred to the Episcopal Church in the United States.  All four Episcopal churches on the island of Maui have unique Hawaiian historical aspects.

Whether you are a Maui resident or a visitor to our island, you are welcome at any and all of our Episcopal churches.   Some of the worship services are comprised of Hawaiian prayer and song and rich in the local spirituality of the land and the aloha of the people.   E komo mai!

Episcopal Church Locations on the Island of Maui