Eucharistic Minister/Visitor Training

Eucharistic Minister/Visitor Training
December 4, Saturday @10:30am
A training for EM & EV will be taking place at Good Shepherd Episcopal
Church in Wailuku, Maui, on Saturday, Dec. 4. These are licensed
ministries in the Diocese of Hawai’i. Licensed lay position must be
renewed every three years, according to Diocesan Guidelines.
Fr. Moki will be leading the training in the sanctuary. To comply with
diocesan policy, effective Sept. 21, 2021, all participants must be
vaccinated. Should you have any questions and/or would like to register,
please call the parish office (808-244-4656).
Eucharistic Ministers: Offering the Sacraments of Bread and Wine to God’s people, with quiet joy and quick thoughtfulness,
brings untold joy to those who step forward to this service.
Eucharistic Visitors: Two by two, go to those who cannot come, keeping them wrapped in the prayers of the congregation
and nourished with the Holy Sacraments.